Resources for Golf Courses

Feed The Bees resources for golf courses will be posted as they are developed, sourced or become available. We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues; communities; existing and prospective members; local, regional and national industry associations; on your website(s) and across all social media networks.

Articles, Publications and Videos

Making Room for Native Pollinators: How To Create Habitat for Native Pollinators on Golf Courses
US Golf Association and The Xerces Society (opens 910 KB PDF file in new window).

Making More Room: A companion to Making Room for Native Pollinators
The Xerces Society (opens 1.491 MB PDF file in new window).

Pollinator-Friendly Parks: How to Enhance Parks, Gardens and Other Greenspaces
The Xerces Society (opens 1.429 MB PDF file in new window).

Selecting Plants for Pollinators
A Guide for Farmers, Land Managers and Gardeners in the Pacific Forest-Mixed Lowland Region
The Pollinator Partnership™ and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (opens 8.44 MB PDF file in new window).

Trees for Bees Programme
The Federated Farmers of New Zealand Bee Industry Group (opens 537 KB PDF file in new window).